Press Articles

From time to time BioMin Technologies Limited are featured in the press, throughout the world. From dental health magazines to national newspapers. Please select from the library below for our articles on BioMin™ products. 

Controlled fluoride delivery: a breakthrough in oral health Dentistry, June 2019
Armour for teeth, BioMin supports National Smile Month 2019 Oral Heath Magazine, May 2019
First toothpaste approved for sensitivity relief and remineralisation by Oral Health Foundation The Probe, April 2019
Success for BioMin at IDS Dentistry, April 2019
BioMin: Prevention of post-scaling sensitivity Prevention, March 2019
Producing deep remineralisation Dentistry, January 2019
Combat the pain of sensitive teeth The Times - Dental Supplement, 29, January 2019
BioMin: prevention of post-scaling sensitivity Dentistry, November 2018
BioMin™ F shown to reduce sensitivity caused by teeth whitening Product Spotlight - Oral Health, November 2018
Prevention of sensitivity following scaling Product Spotlight - Private Dentistry, November 2018
Whitening Sensitivity Featured in Private Dentistry, November 2018
The Dental Guide - November 2018 Distributed with The Mail on Sunday
Oral Health - BioMin™ F: A game changer for dental hygienists Dental Health - September 2018
Dentistry - BioMin™ F: Sensitivity felief for 90% of patients Dentistry - September 2018
Oral Health - BioMin™ Product of the moment Oral Health - March / April 2018
Dental Health - BioMin™ Case Study Competition Winner 2017 Dental Health - January 2018
Dentine hypersensitivity: Causes, diagnosis and treatment Dentistry - October 2017
BioMin launches new fluoride-free mineralising toothpaste Dentistry - October 2017
Brush the pain away Oral Health Magazine - July / August 2017
A Material Revolution The Probe / Dental Republic - 13, September 2017
Brush the pain away Oral Health Magazine - July / August 2017
How dental sensitivity can be improved with BioMinF Dental Tribune - 13, May 2017
BioMin toothpastes launch in USA QMUL - 24, March 2017
Innovative toothpaste ingredient to enter US market in 2017 Dental Tribune - 01, February 2017
BioMin™ toothpastes launch in USA Dentistry - 31, January 2017
British Researchers claim toothpaste breakthrough Consumer Affairs - 04, November 2016
BioMin Technologies partners with Group Pharmaceuticals to launch new toothpaste in India Economic Times - 13, October 2016
Queen Mary makes headway in development of tooth-repairing fillings Dental Tribune - 12, October 2016
BioMin & Group Pharmaceuticals to launch new toothpaste 'Elsenz' in India Dental Reviews - 11, October 2016
New dental fillings may repair tooth decay Economic Times - 03, October 2016
New Dental Fillings May Repair Tooth Decay NDVT - 02, October 2016
Professor unveils first data on new dental fillings that will repair tooth decay Medical Press 26, September 2016
First Data on new dental fillings that will repair tooth decay Science Daily - 26, September 2016
Toothpaste that works while you sleep Daily Mail - 08, August 2016
BioMin Technologies commercializes remineralizing toothpaste technology developed by British researchers Dentistry IQ - 18, April 2016
BioMin F toothpaste binds itself to your teeth for 12-hour protection Cool Things - 18, April 2016
New toothpaste ingredient remineralises tooth enamel Dentistry - 18, April 2016
New toothpaste ingredient hardens teeth while you sleep QMUL - 15, April 2016
Breakthrough toothpaste ingredient The Dentist - 14, April 2016
Toothpaste that can repair holes in your teeth...  Daily Mail - 14, April 2016
Promising oral care tech launched by Queen Mary spin-off Dental Tribune - 14, April 2016
Miracle toothpaste which 'repairs teeth' to be manufactured in Stoke-on-Trent Stoke Sentinel -13, April 2016
New breakthrough toothpaste ingredient hardens your teeth while you sleep DNA India - 12, April 2016
Cure Tooth Decay While Sleeping? Toothpaste Hardens your Teeth Australian Network News - 12, April 2016
London University spinoff hails new tooth repair technology Fierce Biotech - 12, April 2016
Now, toothpaste that hardens your teeth while you sleep Times of India - 12, April 2016
New BioMinF toothpaste ingredient helps prevent decay and treat sensitivity News Medical - 12, April 2016
Breakthrough toothpaste ingredient hardens your teeth while your sleep Science Daily - 11, April 2016


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