BioMin® C Toothpaste

BioMin® C the FLUORIDE FREE foaming toothpaste.

BioMin® C the FLUORIDE FREE daily toothpaste formulated
to adhere to the tooth surface and slowly release mineral ions in a similar manner to BioMin® F
- only without the fluoride and much faster – to produce a hydroxyapatite coating.

BioMin® C toothpaste will protect your teeth and has a fresh, minty flavour.

BioMin C toothpaste does not contain any animal-derived products and no animal testing has been undertaken.

About BioMin® C Toothpaste

Using BioMin® C Toothpaste

Brushing at least twice daily with BioMin® C toothpaste, at least thirty minutes prior to consuming food or drink may rejuvenate,
reinforce and protect your teeth leaving your mouth feeling clean and fresh.


Key Benefits

  • Unique continuous delivery of calcium and phosphate with OPTIMISED protection for up to 12 hours
  • Fast acting Hydroxyaptite formation over the tooth surfaces
  • Developed to combat sensitivity when used regularly
  • Strengthens and protects tooth surfaces
Cross Section of Tooth
BioMin® C toothpaste is now available through our trusted stockists.


BioMin® C toothpaste contains the following ingredients;

Glycerin, Silica, PEG, ChloroCalciumPhosphoSilicate, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
Titanium Dioxide, Flavouring, Carbopol, Potassium Acesulfame. 

Do not use if you allergic to any of the ingredients.

Fluoride Free Toothpaste
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